GILL NET L7 3" 25MD 30M

GILL NET L7 3" 25MD 30M

Code: MNGILL07762530

Brand: Crackpots

Weight: 2.9 (kg)

Dimensions: 110 mm (H) 300 mm (L) 380 mm (W)

$160.60 (inc GST)


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Gill Net L7 3" 25MD 30m:

This Gill Net is suitable for catching Mullet, including deep sea Mullet, Tailor, and other eating fish in the north of metro areas and metro south. With a mesh size of 3" and 25 meshes deep (MD), it provides effective trapping for these species. The net is constructed from durable monofilament netting, ensuring its strength and longevity. It comes in a convenient 30m length, allowing you to set it in the water and monitor it effectively. The Line 7 (L7) construction with a diameter of 0.43mm ensures reliability in recreational fishing.