FLOAT EVA DF-15, 170MM X 110M

FLOAT EVA DF-15, 170MM X 110M


Brand: Crackpots

Weight: 0.25 (kg)

Dimensions: 115 mm (H) 115 mm (L) 180 mm (W)

$13.20 (inc GST)


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DF15 EVA Float:

  • Buoyancy of 1500 grams
  • Popular size float for recreational crayfish rope rigs
  • High tensile strength and resistance to shrinkage.
  • Incorporated float saver to enhance resistance to wear and tear.
  • Bore diameter of 30mm

The DF15 EVA Float is specifically designed for recreational crayfish rope rigs. With a buoyancy of 1050 grams, this float provides reliable support in aquatic environments. Its high tensile strength and resistance to shrinkage ensures durability and longevity even in demanding conditions. The incorporated float saver further enhances its resistance to wear and tear, ensuring reliable performance over time. With its UV-stabilized design, this float offers easy recognition amidst whitecaps and stands out from traditional white polystyrene floats.